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Minority Contractors Help Build Hospital, Own Future

Jacques Pierre, of JP Painting in Lawrenceville, has always worked hard to make his painting business a success. Now that he has been awarded a contract for his services, he is getting the opportunity to prove himself.

Pierre was recently awarded a contract to complete painting services – paint doorframes and stair towers – at the new Capital Health hospital construction site in Hopewell Township for Schnoll Painting of Philadelphia.

The work is part of a commitment Capital Health made to funnel work on its $550 million hospital toward minority– and women–owned businesses.

"It's great to get this contract," says Pierre. "I have been in the painting business for several years but I had never gone through the bidding process. With the help of the QWIC office and Jay Rebock from Schnoll Painting, I was able to understand the different steps required to put in a bid on such a large project."

Schnoll Painting is the prime contractor for painting on the project and awarded a portion of the painting work to J.P. Painting of Lawrenceville.

"Schnoll Painting has a long and positive track record in the utilization of small, minority and women business enterprises on its projects. We want to use more minorities on our projects," says Jay Rebock, project manager and estimator for Schnoll Painting. Rebock states that JP was a perfect fit for what we were looking for on this project.

The bid process took on a different aspect, according to Rebock. Not only did Capital want a certain percentage of minorities to be awarded contracts, they also wanted them to be local. Without such a commitment, Pierre and other minority business people could have missed out on the opportunity to prove they could do the same kind of quality work as larger, established businesses.

Not only was JP's bidding process in line but he also backed it up with on–the–job performance.

A big factor that helped JP get the larger job was being a member of the local union. "JP handled himself very professionally on a previous job and I heard a lot of positive feedback on his work skills," says Rebock. "I interviewed over five painters and JP turned out to be the most qualified and his pricing was right in line."

"It's very important to have a contract and to have this employment during these very difficult economic times," Pierre said. "And there is the chance for more work. It makes me feel great."

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